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League Goals
  • For the players to have fun, and participate in a safe, positive environment.
  • For all players to participate equally.
  • To develop each player’s softball skills and knowledge of the game.
  • To provide a forum in which the players learn the life lessons that participation in a team sport can teach. Teamwork, sportsmanship, friendships, and tolerance.
  • To help players become physically fit and to value fitness in their lives.
  • To encourage continued participation by instilling a passion for the sport of Fastpitch Softball.
It is important that coaches and parents remain focused on making the game fun, and helping the players develop and mature. Let the players focus on playing the game. When the game is over, we should teach how to win with grace and lose with dignity. 
Each season will be a successful one if we have a group of tightly knit players with improved skills and a passionate desire to continue playing softball.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by any player, coach or fan is unacceptable.
  • Significant offenses will result in expulsion from the league. It is expected that coaches be role models and exhibit exemplary sportsmanship at all times.
  • Coaches are expected to monitor the behavior of the players and fans associated with their teams.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking are prohibited on or near the fields.
  • Profanity, taunting, chanting and any derogatory comments are not allowed and will result in a minimum suspension of one game after a warning and possible expulsion from the league.
  • Positive cheering and acknowledgement of strong play, (even by the opposition) is strongly encouraged. However, spectators and fans should avoid coaching from the bleachers or sidelines. Let the coaches do the coaching so that the players’ focus will remain on the field and in the game. 
  • Umpires should be treated with utmost respect at all times. Calls are not to be disputed; the umpire’s call is final. Coaches can discuss calls for clarification, but arguing calls, or publicly criticizing calls, will not be tolerated. 
  • Players should be taught by example just how important it is to treat the umpire with respect.
  • Players should be encouraged to respect the league equipment and the fields.  Clean up field area after every game.
  • Player uniforms should be neat, shirts tucked in, visors worn.
  • If lightning is seen, game should be called.
  • Coaches are responsible for maintaining a safe environment during practices and games.
  • All players not at bat, on deck, warming up at a safe distance, or playing in the field, must stay on the bench.
  • Only the current batter and on deck batter should have a bat in their hands with their helmet on.
  • The double deck batter should make sure no one enters the on deck areas.
  • All batters, on deck batters, base runners, and player base coaches must wear helmets.
  • All catchers must wear full protective gear, in warm ups and in games.
  • All equipment must be kept behind the fences during games.
  • Players are not allowed to wear any jewelry.
  • Shorts are acceptable only when worn with sliding gear. Otherwise long pants are required. Players will not be allowed to play if they do not adhere to this rule.
  • Base runners involved in close plays at a base must slide.