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FARM LEAGUE (1st & 2nd Grades)

The Games

  • Season generally starts right after April school vacation and runs for roughly 6 or 7 weeks
  • All games – Saturdays 10:30AM to about 12:30 (one weekday game per team may be scheduled for mid-season).
  • Games are a maximum of 2 hours in length.
  • If either team does not have a minimum of 7 players, exchange of players should be made so the game can still be played.  No penalty.
  • Home team should be positioned on the first base side of the field and should provide game ball.
  • Home team is responsible for providing the bases and umpire equipment and returning them to the shed.

The emphasis for this age group should be on fundamentals.  Throwing, catching, field positions, base running, and proper hitting mechanics.  When the players have completed these first two years of play, they should be able to:

  • Throw overhand accurately with some power, proper mechanics.
  • Have good hitting mechanics, stance, balance, hands to ball, etc.
  • Assume and maintain defensive ready position.
  • Catch a thrown ball.
  • Field a ground ball using 2 hands.
  • Run through first base correctly.
  • Slide safely.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of defensive position play.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the rules.
  • Communicate and work as a team.

Coaches:  Potential pitchers and catchers should be identified and given special instruction as much as possible.  It is critical that players be taught proper mechanics from the start.  Support is available from the league, just ask.


  • Division wide practices encouraged.
  • Skill clinics as available.
  • Season is 8 weeks beginning the week after school Spring Break.

Game Logistics

Bases and Equipment

  • Double 1st base.
  • 11” Ball (Yellow if possible).
  • 35’ Pitching Distance.
  • 60’ Base paths (standard).
  • Batting helmets with cages and chinstraps (league provided).
  • Hitting tees may be used for practices and/or games as agreed to by coaches.


  • Parent or coach umpires.


  • Coaches/parents pitch.
  • Coach/parent should backup the catcher to keep the game moving as well as call strikes, foul balls, and plays at home plate and the bases.  There will be no walks. 
  • Batters should be encouraged to swing and can strike out if 3 strikes are thrown and not swung at by the batter.  A batter cannot strike out swinging at a pitch.
  • Approximately 7 pitches per at bat.   If a hit is not made after seven good pitches, then the hitting tee should be used for the batter to get a hit.  The game should be kept moving.
  • One time through the batting order each inning or until 3 outs.
  • Score does not need to be kept.
  • Nine players, (3 outfielders), unless both coaches agree on 10 players (4 outfielders) prior to game start.
  • Outfielders must remain on the outfield grass before the ball is hit.  No creeping in to the infield.
  • Infielders cannot be positioned closer to home plate than the pitcher's rubber.
  • All players must play the field at least 3 innings or half of the game.  No player sits twice before all players have sat at least once.
  • All players should get equal time playing both infield and outfield positions.
  • No stealing, bunting or base advance on overthrows.
  • Base runners must remain in contact with base at all times prior to a pitched ball leaving the pitcher’s hand.  Runners can be called out if leaving the base early.
  • Sliding is mandatory on all close plays.  No warnings will be issued and the runner will be called out if she doesn't slide.
  • The umpire will call out a player after one warning is issued for throwing the bat.
  • No dropped third strike or infield fly rule.