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Senior Division (7th - 9th Grades)


Players in grades 7th-9th grades may participate in the “SENIOR" Division of the Old Silver Lake League. Teams play two games per week, however nights may change each week due to the large # of teams (Mon-Thurs).  

Players are placed on evenly competitive teams.

Teams will play teams from Halifax, Carver, Kingston, Hanson, Whitman & Pembroke.


Complete knowledge of the game.  Should know where to be at all times.  Should be a team player.  Should be confident in abilities.

When they have finished the Senior Division, the players should be able to:

  • Understand Game strategy.
  • Have low scoring games.
  • Hit the ball where it is pitched, (outside, inside, middle).
  • Work the count when at bat.
  • Drag bunt, slap bunt.
  • Pitchers continue to develop multiple pitches.
  • Catchers can pick off all bases.
  • Continued improvement in all areas.
  • Learn more advanced signs from coaches when at bat or on base.
  • Communicate and work as a team.
  • Be ready for High School play.

Pitchers and Catchers should continue getting as much one-on-one coaching as possible in the proper mechanics of pitching and catching.  Support is available from the league, just ask.